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What is μ-OS ?

μ-OS (a.k.a. micro-OS) is an upcoming Operating System that tries to be:

  1. Small. This is achieved by carefully choosing the software components that are lightweight but still at the same time provide essential functionality for everyday desktop use. All the documentation and source code, if needed, are provided on separate CD- or DVD disc.

  2. Fast. This is again achieved by carefully choosing as lightweight software components as possible. Sofware binaries are compiled only for x86 architecture because x64 does not offer big enough speed benefit to be worth the extra trouble of separate edition. x86 (a.k.a 32-bit) binaries will work perfectly with Intel/AMD 64-bit CPUs. Separate special editions that are optimized for specific Intel/AMD CPU model might appear later.

  3. Secure. By default all the code in μ-OS will be compiled with hardened GCC toolchain. Also the μ-OS kernel will have Grsecurity and PaX enabled by default. Internet connections are randomly routed trought Tor, anonymous proxies and I2P. SSL/TLS will be used whenever possible.

Because my other unfinished software projects, it will take some serious time for me to get it completed. I estimate that at this rate, it will be late spring (maybe May) of 2014 that it will be finished and ready for download.