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Why I prefer old phones?

Reading from the title you might think that I am an old fart that has 
never used a smartphone in his life.

Well you are right about the first part but not of the second.

I had a smartphone for some time (Samsung Galaxy S3 mini) and used it for 
a while but then quickly turned back to my old phone.

So why I prefer old phones?

1.	Battery
	Their battery last longer. With smartphones you have to recharge 
	every 2 to 3 days.
	With dumb phones you can easily have it without recharge for two 
	weeks or more!

2.	Durability
	They are (mostly) more durable. Especially some old Nokia phones. 
	I have dropped (yea, Im clumsy!) my old trusty Nokia 2610 more 
	times than I care to remember.
	And everytime it still worked!

3.	Basic functionality
	They have only the functionality that I really need.
	That is: Making calls and SMS.

	If I want to play games, surf Internet, check my mail or chat I 
	use laptop for that instead.
	My Nokia 2610 has Internet capability but because it's screen is 
	so small it's a pain in the ass to use normally.
	So I only use it in absolute emergency situations, like quickly 
	googling some very important stuff.

	The only two "new" things that I have added recently to that basic 
	functionality list are: flashlight and decent camera.
	And that's why Im going to soon get a newer model of dump phone 
	(There still are few new Nokia models around in 2014)

4.	Small and Light
	They are (mostly) small, compact and lightweight.
	The main reason smartphones nowadays are so friggin big are because 
	it's screen size.
	And why does the screen size have to be so big? 
	It's mainly because people mostly use their shiny new smartphones(toys) 
	into useless stuff: 
	like playing Angry birds, watching YouTube videos, posting to facebook, 
	surfing Internet etc..

	So they need bigger screens to make experience more enjoyable. 
	Bigger screen means bigger size, weight and less battery.

	And let's face it: Smartphones are mostly toys for entertainment. 
	I prefer to do all those entertainment things from my large, 
	17" laptop screen.

5.	Security
	Because my dumb phone does not have GPS or Wi-Fi it's less easy 
	to track. Note: I said less easy. 
	(yeah, I know that they can do triangulation based of antenna towers).
	If I really wanted to go completely "off" the tracking grid and be invisible 
	for sometime, I could wrap my phone to aluminium foil :-)

	Also, because it has an ancient S30 as it's OS, it's harder for would be 
	crackers and NSA to pop.
	Also, being so old model, it's a very unlikely that it has any backdoor in it 
	(unlike most smartphones).

	So for those that value their privacy, buying a dumb phone with 
	prepaid SIM card is a way to go.

	And don't forget the aluminium foil :-) 

	It actually does work, but you have to wrap it few times and of course you 
	can't then have any in/outcalls ;-)