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What is Tor?

Tor (The Onion Router) is an anonymous network inside Internet. It encrypts and routes your network traffic randomly between Tor-nodes and then sends it out from one of the Tor exit relays toward it's final destination.

Althought the traffic inside Tor network is almost impossible to decrypt or track it is still possible for outsider to see if you are connecting to Tor network. Further, the so called last mile, traffic that is send out of one the exit relays, can be seen by the exit relay itself and also by others.

So for these reasons it is advisable that you will always use end-to-end encryption (like HTTPS) with Tor. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users should install HTTPS Everywhere extension. Other browser users should switch to one of the before mentioned browsers. Internet Explorer users that insist of using that Microsoft spyware can go to hell and keep continuing giving all their usernames, passwords, bank accounts, e-mails and other private information to Microsoft and NSA.

You can also download a ready made Tor Browser Bundle that let's you start surfing with the help of Tor network immediately (it has HTTPS everywhere extension installed by default). To get Tor Browser Bundle please click here.